Since graduating from the Teacher Institute in the Spring of 2009 I have been effectively and joyfully teaching 1st and 2nd grade students. The Teacher Institute has helped me to use my natural abilities to affect the lives of our youngest citizens. While learning I was able to use everything the Teacher Institute required to directly impact my classroom. Becoming a teacher and a Teacher Institute graduate was the best decision I have ever made!
— Ellen Zilkenat
The Teacher Institute classes were helpful and relevant as I made my journey through my first year teaching. It was also helpful to have the support of my teachers and fellow first year teachers.
— Jennifer Blom
I learned how to be a great teacher. I learned that I could have a voice in creating change. The program allowed me to be a part of a picture in education and learn the necessary language and strategies to be effective. The program was demanding and challenging and I have grown not only as an educator, but as a person.
— Allison Gunnells
The Alternative Licensure Program at the Teacher Institute was perfect for me - it’s a flexible, intense program, and with all that learning, I never had to step into my classroom unprepared again. The Teacher Institute helped me re-discover the passion for teaching after my first unsuccessful attempt. -
— Sarah Jenkins
Attending an alternative licensing program provided me the chance to further my knowledge to help teach and represent students with special needs. Thanks to the wonderful staff and support at the Teacher Institute, I feel that I have developed a better understanding of my students and how to reach ultimate success in the classroom.
— Elizabeth Ramirez
TILA proved to be the perfect fit for me; their stance on best practices and meeting the needs of the individual students matched well with my Montessori background, and I found I was able to immediately incorporate so many of the tools, strategies, and ideas learned from the Teacher Institute into my own classroom.
— Erin Oliver
“The Teacher Institute program gave me the opportunity to (learn from) real students and real data and provided the proper instructional support I needed to be the best teacher I can be.”
— Denise Wright
“After completing the Teacher Institute program I have the opportunity to appreciate the special abilities of my students, regardless of (his or her) disability.”
— Ben Mulvey
”The Alternative Pathways Program for Licensure offered by the Teacher Institute gave me a much broader and deeper understanding of the teaching profession. It caused me to reflect on my job, my lessons, and how important I am as a role model for my students. Without a doubt, the year following my program has been my most successful.”
— Brenda Parker
“I couldn’t have asked for a better training and ongoing support than what I have received from the Teacher Institute.”
— Heidi Smith